All About RMA

Introducing the ultimate curated travel experience weaved with a luxurious high-end service. RMA offers an escape from the daily demands of life by providing an exclusive service dedicated to our opulent clients. RMA is a pioneer in the industry of luxurious vacation, with personalized packages catered to the specific needs and preferences of our high-profile clientele. With access to the world’s most exclusive resorts, private villas, and premium travel experiences, our clients enjoy a level of luxury and indulgence unmatched by any other vacation program. 

Everlasting experiences intertwined with sophistication.

Our Founder

Rania Afisah is a highly respected and accomplished entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for travel and an unrelenting drive to provide exceptional services. With over a decade of experience operating and networking in the MENA region. Rania has built a reputation for delivering personalized and highquality travel experiences that cater to the needs and preferences of luxury travelers. Her proven track record of success, coupled with her deep understanding of the industry, has earned her a place as a trusted leader in the market. With a commitment to sophistication and excellence. Rania is determined to establish her company as the go-to destination for discerning travelers seeking a truly luxurious experience.